Benefits of Cyprus Citizenship


Cyprus Investment Programme Benefits


The Cyprus Investment Programme offers secondary citizenship to affluent individuals of good repute for both personal and business reasons. The Cyprus Investment Programme offers countless benefits, the most notable being the fact that it has short processing time. In just 6 months, investors can become citizens of Cyprus, allowing investors to travel with ease to 150 countries without the need for a visa.

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How to benefit from a Cypriot Passport - CIP

Cyprus continues to attract foreign investors with its strategic geographic location between Europe, Asia and Africa. Moreover, Cyprus has fostered an ideal environment for investors thanks to its advantageous tax regime and its recently implemented ‘non-domicile’ regime which has proven very attractive amongst HNWIs since it provides for zero taxation of worldwide dividends and interest income for a period of 17 years. Moreover, the Cypriot economy shows vast potential for further growth in key sectors, and by getting a Cypriot passport, investors will get access to various investment opportunities in the Cypriot market. Additionally, Cypriot citizenship is granted for life and it can be passed on to one’s children and dependents, thus securing the right for one’s self and one’s family to live, study, work and do business.

Advantages of the Cyprus Investment Programme

Investing in Cyprus to obtain Cypriot nationality by investment confers various benefits to the investor and his or her family which will be listed hereunder:

CIP – A straightforward process completed within 6 months

With the Cyprus Investment Programme, one can acquire citizenship in just 6 months as approval is granted within 3 months

The CIP is a programme which, unlike its counterparts available from other countries does not impose any onerous obligations on the applicant. The application process for attaining citizenship in Cyprus is simpler and more straightforward than that of other programmes. The applicant will not be required to disclose his or her source of funds, undergo any medical testing, and does not impose any language requirements.

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No minimum residency prior to Cyprus citizenship – just a one-time visit

Cyprus benefits

The Cyprus Investment Programme does not require prospective citizens to reside in Cyprus prior, during or after citizenship application has been completed, but merely requires a one-time visit to apply for a permanent residency permit and register biometrics.


Cyprus Investment Programme: Visa-free travel to 150 destinations

Cyprus citizenship Benefits

A second passport is often obtained to increase one's mobility and gain the right to hassle-free travel. Cyprus citizens benefit from visa-free travel to 150 destinations. Moreover, prior to being accepted as citizens, applicants will need to submit their citizenship application and simultaneously apply for a Permanent Residency Permit. Within just 5 days from applying, applicants will be granted the permit which will give them immediate visa-free access to 150 states.

Cyprus citizenship for life with the CIP 

CBI Benefits

Once granted, Cypriot citizenship is valid for life, and will also be passed onto descendants.




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Cyprus Investment Programme: A family-friendly programme

The main applicant may include his or her spouse, minor children as well as adult children (ages 18-27) who are financially dependent on the applicant within one application, and these will not need to meet any additional financial criteria.

Following the 2016 amendments, the main applicant may also include his or her parents within the application, provided that a further investment of at least €500,000 is made in residential property.

CIP - The most cost-effective citizenship programme

The minimum value of the investment which one will need to carry out to be eligible for Cypriot citizenship is a €2million investment in residential real estate. While it is true that there are programmes which are less expensive, Cyprus allows investors to reduce the value of the investment to €500,000 after 3 years. Essentially, this makes the programme very cost-effective in the long run.

Moreover, the programme does not require investors to donate to the local government, unlike other programmes. This means that investors will be able to make the most of their investment.

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