Dependants and Parents

The spouse of the main applicant, as well as his/her children, inclusive of children from the ages of 18-27 who are financially dependent on the main applicant, may benefit under the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment as well if the applicant wishes. An investor’s child with a severe physical or mental disability who is unable to work will also be considered financially dependent. Parents of the main applicant and spouse may be included in the same application provided an additional €500,000 investment is made in residential property in Cyprus.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The main applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • Applicants must invest a minimum of €2 million in approved investments
  • Investment in property can be reduced to a minimum € 500,000 (plus VAT if applicable) 
  • Applicants must have a clean criminal police record.
  • The Investor’s name must not be included on the list of persons whose property is ordered to be frozen by the EU
  • No visits are required during or after application