Cyprus Visa Programs

There are various visas which can be obtained by non- EU citizens, including short-stay visas, temporary residence permits, immigration permits and residence permits for family members.

Short-Stay Visas

Individuals seeking to travel to Cyprus for business or leisure and whose stay will be less than 3 months will need to apply for a short -stay visa. The short-stay visa may be issued as a single-entry visa, or if the individual will need to enter Cyprus several times, it may also be issued as a multiple-entry visa.

Business people who visit Cyprus regularly may obtain a multiple entry visa which is valid for one year, however, the aggregate visits may not exceed 90 days in Cyprus, starting from the first visit during each six-month period.

Exceptionally, a short-stay visa may be valid for more than a year, but may not exceed five years, for a certain category of persons.

Temporary Residence Permit (“Pink Slip”)

The Temporary Residence Permit, more commonly referred to as the ‘Pink Slip’ is available for non-EU citizens who come to Cyprus with a long-term purpose. This permit may be issued for a period of 1 to 4 years (with a limitation of absence period of not more than 4 months). The Permit is generally issued for a period of 1-2-years upon first application and may be extended for a further 1-2 year period.

The nature of each Temporary Residence Permit will differ, depending on the needs of the individual requesting the permit.  It may be issued as an Investor Visa, a Student Visa or an Employment Visa.

  • Investor Visa – this Visa is generally provided to applicants who fall under one of the following categories:
    • Non-EU nationals (including spouses married to Cypriot citizens, parents-in-law, and minor children) who have applied for Family Reunification and a residence permit;
    • Third country nationals (including foreigners with enterprises in Cyprus)  applying for an extension of their visitor visa, provided they have enough funds originating outside of Cyprus to support themselves;
    • Applicants who have received temporary entry permits from consular authorities of Cyprus abroad;
    • Non-EU nationals who own real estate in Cyprus will obtain a Pink Slip automatically and be granted visitor status, however, such status precludes these individuals from being employed in Cyprus
  • Student Visa – this Visa is required by foreign students undertaking a long-term course at a Cypriot educational institution.
  • Employment Visa – non-EU nationals who seek employment in Cyprus will require Entry and Temporary Residence and Employment Permits. For a detailed overview of the process and the documentation required for an employment visa, please click here.

Immigration Permits

Cyprus may also issue immigration permits to non-EU nationals if they qualify under one of the categories listed in the 5th Regulation of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations of Cyprus.

Residence Permits for non-EU family members of EU citizens

Non-EU family members of EU citizens who reside in Cyprus may obtain a Residence Permit. The spouse and minor children who are not EU-nationals will need to show documentary proof that they are related to an EU citizen who resides in Cyprus prior to attaining a Residence Permit. Once issued, the permit is valid for 5 years from the date of issue, or for the envisaged period of residence of the EU citizen.

Residence Permits for non-EU family members of non-EU citizens

Prior to applying for a permanent residence permit in Cyprus, non-EU family members of third-country nationals, which may include the spouse or minor children under 18 years old, may obtain a Residence Permit upon providing documentary evidence of the family relationship with a third-country national who holds a residence permit valid for at least one year and who has resided legally in Cyprus for a period of at least two years. Following an application for Family Reunification, non-EU family members may obtain a Residence Permit which will be valid for two years.

Temporary residence permits for third-country nationals

Third country nationals who seek employment with an international company based in Cyprus may do so. A Cypriot company which has foreign interests and fulfills certain requirements may employ third country nationals in the following positions:

  1. Executive Director (maximum of five individuals);
  2. Middle-management staff, executive staff (maximum number of 10 individuals);
  3. Supporting staff, provided there are no available or suitable Cypriots or European citizens with the required qualifications for such positions.